Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Slum Dwellers Join the Campaign!

I received this message from a new environmental group in the outskirts of Omdurman city in reponse to the global call of the http://www.350.org/ :

For sure poor people in the slums around the world are not the cause of the this mess called Global Warming. It was created mainly by affluent people and nations. However, we are committed to be part of the solution.
In my slum neighborhood in the outskirts of Al-Thawra city, we live in shanty ‘houses’ made of whatever left over materials we put our hands on (scrap metals, wood boards, boxes, used clothes, etc). Our houses look ugly in that harsh and dry arid environment of Omdurman, but hey its home!

We decided to add some green in our daily expanding neighborhood however, water was always a major concern since it’s very scarce here. We decided to start small and practical without causing any extra burden to our limited resources. I started a small nursery and managed to grow 1000 small plants that I started to distribute free to slum dwellers who are committe3d to take care of them. The idea is to plant the small plant by the water reservoir (usually a 44-gallon metal barrel) to ensure it will be irrigated daily from the wasted water.
So, we are doing our share in this campaign!

Mostafa M. Elgadi
For/the Foundation of Mohamed Abdelwahab

Thursday, March 03, 2005

About Hasaheisa!

Hasaheisa is one of many impoverished cities in central Sudan situated on the western banks of the Blue Nile river. It's located approximately 100 miles south of Khartoum, the capital city of Sudan.
This Blog is dedicated to the people of Hasaheisa who suffered a lot at the hands of the technocrats of the Central Government of the country, no matter what political system these governments represented.
The military regime of the dictator Numeri (1969-1985) ignored any developemnt plans for the city. The technocrats of the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Sadig al-Mahdi (1986-1989) committed one of the worst man-made environmental crimes when they secretly dumped more than 500 metric tons of obsolete pesticides in three pits less than a mile of the Blue Nile river.
The theocratic dictatirship of General Bashir (1989-present) continued the cover-up of this environmental crime and committed more. They also targeted the peaceful political opposition in town against the regime and killed many activists under torture.
Together, we hope, to dedicate this Blog to highlight the environment of the city, socially, politically, culturally, and physically....
Mohamed Elgadi
A Hasaheisan by activism!
Philadelphia, PA (USA)